Ginealogy – London Dry Gin



Ginealogy – London Dry Gin




700 ml

sommelier notes


Crystal-clear in appearance, it initially releases elegant hints of pungent balsam and citrus that slowly segue into delicate impressions of fresh-picked grapes. Very distinctive of this spirit is the rhythmic alternation of notes of sweet grape must and the delicate tanginess of lemon verbena. On the palate, olive leaves give it a
seductive sweetness-completely natural, since a Dry Gin has no added sugars. That essence of olive accompanies rosemary to infuse a very long-lingering, impressive finish. This gin partners beautifully with tonic water but it is a true standout sipped by itself over ice.

Gin in detail


Infusion of the finest-quality Tuscan juniper with select medicinal herbs hand-gathered around the Collalto castle.

The medicinal herbs are steeped in grain alcohol, then, when the infusion process is complete, the liquor is distilled together with must from the glera grape. Distillation is carried out through the traditional artisanal method of the indirect-steam, single-batch process, capable of a maximum production of 250-litre batches. During distillation, some of the medicinal herbs are removed, others are left in contact with the boiling liquid in order to increase the sprit’s distinctive character, while still others are put directly into the carter head basket to boost the crisp flavours in the vapour.

Alcohol: 42% vol

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