Our past is a fabric woven of so many stories... every bit as fascinating as a chivalric epic. Here, man and the land have always lived together in the fullest respect for equilibrium in nature.

Come un poema

The great history book of the Counts of Collalto takes its start as early as 958, when Berengarius, King of Italy, granted to Rambaldo I, ancestor of the Collaltos, the wood of Montello and the Curtis of Lovadina, a vast plain of meadows, pastures, and vineyards at the foot of the hills of Treviso.

Thus began an interweaving of many stories… as intriguing as a chivalric epic poem; from those knights of the Middle Ages, in fact, the Collaltos inherited their spirit of loyalty and respect for the land. For centuries, they served as custodians of their lands, protecting their natural balance and encouraging sapient development of their agricultural, viticultural, and natural resources, all integral components of an all-encompassing, almost-paradisiacal landscape.

…qui, dove vive ancora il profumo dei secoli…

È dal 1110 che il casato dei Collalto, di generazione in generazione, presidia le nobili colline di Susegana e Conegliano. Le sue radici arrivano fino al tempo delle saghe con lancia in resta…

A long, long history...

Since 1110, the House of Collalto, generation after generation, has protected these hills, which over time became the noble cradle of prosecco. The Collaltos took sage advantage of the hills’ fertility, exhibiting passionate dedication in particular for the development of the grapevines and the wine they yielded.

The history of the Collaltos is impressively long, and the Castle of San Salvatore is its most lampant symbol—an imposing, hieratic fortress that has kept diligent watch over the craftsmen and people, and defended the territory even through the most historically challenging times.

The family roots go as far back in time as the sagas of lance- wielding knights.

È la Principessa Isabella Collalto de Croÿ l’erede di questa storica impresa. Un lascito paterno che la principessa sta coltivando con sensibilità ambientale e qualità produttiva.

Isabella Collalto de Croÿ

The heir of this historic tradition, and one unique in its reach, is Princess Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, firstborn of Prince Manfredo and Princess Trinidad di Collalto.

Since 2007, the Princess has personally overseen the vineyards and wine production facility inherited from her father, in a manner that has been a constant motif running through the long family history. Her management is notable for attention dedicated to innovations in vineyard sustainability and for research directed at improving product and environmental quality.

La continuità di un’oculata gestione familiare è un aspetto rilevante per l’affidabilità di un’intrapresa. E la storia dei Collalto di oggi già guarda con fiducia verso il domani.


The marriage in 1989 of Isabella di Collalto and Prince Guillaume de Croÿ brought into the world their beloved children Emmanuel and Violette.

Continuity of prudent, responsible family management is a crucial factor in the reliability of an enterprise. The Collalto dynasty has committed itself to this particular concept, generation after generation, a philosophy applied with dedication and loving self- awareness that has ensured the family’s historic continuity and the consequent integrity of its possessions

The family history of today already gazes with steadfast confidence at what its future will be.

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