Brut Nature DOCG
“sui lieviti”

Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut Nature “Sui Lieviti”

“Sur lie” Prosecco faithfully represents the origins of today’s sparkling Prosecco, the fruit of a vision that only a handful of enlightened vintners displayed more than 100 years ago.
Our sparkling “sur lie” version is dedicated to the prescient Conte Ottaviano, who was one of the first to intuit the right path to take.

Technical Sheet

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Ottaviano Brut Nature Sur lie, Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene




Brut Nature "sui lieviti"



Ottaviano brut Nature DOCG


Ottaviano, our sur lie (on the lees) sparkling wine, is made according to the “ancient method,” a process every bit as venerable as the roots of the Collalto family, which go as far back as 958, when King Berengarius granted the vineyards  on Susegana’s hills to Rambaldo I, the family’s ancestor. The pages of the family’s history record centuries of love for its ancestral land, as well as ceaseless research in viticulture. It was Conte Ottaviano Antonio, also known as the “Agriculturalist-Count,” whose far-seeing vision led to ground-breaking innovation and to laying the foundations of what would become modern oenology.

“Sur lie” Prosecco faithfully represents the origins of today’s sparkling Prosecco, the fruit of a vision that only a handful of enlightened vintners displayed more than 100 years ago.

Sommelier notes


A luminous straw-yellow is shot through with an irrepressible cascade of pin-point bubbles that create a long-lingering, intriguing mousse.  The classic varietal aromas of crisp fruit and elegant blossoms, here appealingly complex and clean-edged, are lusciously complemented by fragrant notes of petits fours, the gift of the wine’s suspended lees. Lifting and completing this complex are pungent impressions of mineral and wild herbs. The distinctively firm palate is both refreshing and enfolding, with a supple, seductive mousse that gives it an energy-laden vivaciousness.

How to enjoy it

Food pairings

It partners well with fish, including shellfish, with vegetable and mushroom risottos, and with cheese and salumi antipasti. It is best served at 8-10°C.

The slight haziness is a hallmark of this style of Prosecco; to evenly distribute its minute lees, turn the bottle upside down or pour into a carafe just before serving.

Ottaviano in detail


Grapes: Glera (min. 85%), Verdiso, and Bianchetta, grown exclusively in our estate vineyards Vineyard Llocation: Vineyard on the Colfosco hill
Vineyard aspect: South
Soil profile: Predominantly clay


Yield: 120 q./hectare
Harvest period: 1-10 September, manually harvested

Vinification: The whole clusters are gently pressed, and the must ferments, thanks to its natural sugars and ambient yeasts, in temperature-controlled steel fermenters at 16°C.
Secondary fermentation:  The base wine is bottled, along with additional ambient yeasts, between April and June, and the relatively warmer temperature encourages a natural re-fermentation in the bottle, as with the Classic Method. During this and the following period, the bottles remain in darkness in the cellar. In the subsequent 90-day period, the spent yeast cells release valuable mannoproteins into the wine, which softens it and ensures its longevity. Once the secondary fermentation is complete, the Classic Method-style disgorgement is not performed, and the lees, which thus remain in the bottle, give a slight natural haziness to the appearance of the wine, which is, therefore, an expected characteristic of this style of sparkling wine.
Ageing: Minimum 3 months.

Alcohol: 12% vol.
Residual sugar: 0 g/l
Acidity:  5.00 g/l

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